"bisexuals have straight passing privilege"
did you mean bi erasure ?
having people constantly assume im straight or gay based on who im dating or how I dress isn’t a privilege. it’s degrading and ignorant.

In the end “straight passing” is bunk all by itself, because a straight couple could include a cis man and a trans woman but they still dont get to be married and society still labels them as a same sex couple even though their relationship is heterosexual. Not even straight people have privilege in a situation like that.


Feminists, PLEASE look at this!





literally thats all anyone would need to tell me to get me to hate john green

"did you know in one of his books the two main characters make out in the anne frank house"

thats literally making out with someone at a holocaust memorial that’s awful what the fuck

especially in the context of the scene, like they act like they’re Taking It Back For True Love bc no one else appreciates the anne frank house in the right way, i love when white christians reclaim holocaust memorials

Most people don’t appreciate things of historical significance in the right way.

A few days ago, I Michelangelo’s David and it was utterly overwhelming to me that he was real and in front of me and the Michelangelo had carved that and it had stood the test of time and it was so beautiful they couldn’t put on top of the Duomo cause he was so freaking beautiful even if it meant he was out of proportion when you saw him up close and I was awestruck.I walked past his slaves were you could see the marks his chisel had made.

But how many people do you think have gone to the Academia and just glanced at it. just to say they have?

How many people go to the Anne Frank House and do just the same? At least Hazel acknowledged that people lived there and that they have lives and they loved people there. I mean it wasn’t the most tactful of gestures but more then likely they would’ve been surrounded by tourists who didn’t even recognize that. 

Yes, the kiss wasn’t the most respectful thing, but it’s not any worse then meandering through a place where people, real people hid and lived in fear and still managed to love and learn and just snapping a few pics as evidence without appreciating or often even acknowledging the history of the place. 

you do realize this book is not about real people

those are fictional characters in a fictional scenario that was written by a christian man in his 30s who wrote a scene basically trying to reclaim the anne frank house as a romantic tourist attraction for the sake of his characters

he literally used the tragedy suffered by those people to create a scene specifically for his characters to get off on

and then he had people in that scene applauding what they did.

this literally has nothing to do with academia the anne frank house isn’t a work of art it’s a memorial to a horrifying act of human cruelty and john green used that as the backdrop for a LOVE STORY effectively ignoring the importance of the memorial for the sake of his white christian protagonists

he literally used a serious tragedy and the deaths of millions of people as inspiration porn for his main characters and how their story is more important like he could have had them kiss anywhere but he wrote them kissing in the anne frank house on purpose

and that is gross


"never use this word because it’s common, instead use all of these things that i’ll call synonyms even though they carry different connotations and will change the meaning of your dialogue if you use them" — very bad and unfortunately very common writing advice


過去絵 リンちゃん


過去絵 リンちゃん